BC Floral Art  Society

Meeting dates/Program 2018


Feb 19     AGM, Showbench. Greens and woodsy - traditional or contemporary

Mar 12     Floral Travels presentation and designs

Apr 9       Showbench - Mono-botanic

May 14    Flower and leaf manipulation/weaving. Demo and workshop     

June 11   Mystery box. Workshop

July 9      Use of vegetables and/or fruit in design. Contemporary or traditional. Workshop

Aug 13    "Nod to the Rosebowl Parade". Frame covered in plant material. Indoor/outdoor. Showbench

Sept 10    Biedermeyer design.  Traditional or Contemporary.  Workshop

Oct 15      Design/make a structure (table size or floor design) for use with Christmas decoration.  Workshop      

Nov 12     Christmas luncheon.  Long tables.  Show Bench for October’s structure/Holiday theme.    

Dec          No meeting